1955 Nardi Bisiluro LeMans car

Via Road and Track:

On one side: a 55-horsepower, Giannini-tuned, BMW 750 engine. On the other:  the driver. Both were encased in slippery, streamlined pods, with a flat-facing airplane-style radiator in the middle. Built on a Fiat 500 chassis, again, it weighed a tick under 1000 pounds and reportedly churned out as much as 62 horsepower. The result is unlike any race car that ever existed. It looks like the underside of a fighter-bomber’s wing, where the driver is nothing more than a physical nuisance, bulging out and getting in the way of such aerodynamic slipperiness—in a time when aero was developed by simply, pardon the pun, “winging it.”


1955 Nardi Bisiluro LeMans car

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