Getting Closer to the Metaverse


Via International Business Times:

Virtual reality on the scale of the science fiction film The Matrix has moved into the realm of the technologically possible, according to a London startup, following the launch of a massive-scale simulation platform…

The cloud-based infrastructure is able to build simulations of everything from cities, to social networks, to entire economies. By simulating such systems, rather than simply analysing the data of existing ones, SpatialOS could conceivably predict the future. By modelling all the possible permutations of these systems it could point out issues or problems that might arise. Had the operating system been around before 2008, Naruda claims it could have perhaps even prevented the financial crisis.

For now, the applications of the technology are limited to a video game by the name of World’s Adrift. Using Spatial OS, the creators of World’s Adrift have built a virtual world the size of Wales. Within it are four million entities, which are of course both simultaneous and persistent.


Getting Closer to the Metaverse

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